Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Buggy had a fun Easter with lots of eggs filled with Gerber puffs. We also dyed eggs together and she ate her first boiled egg too. She's pretty picky about different textures of food, so after about half of it she was shaking her head no.

T and I reluctantly decided to promote Ladybug and move the crib back upstairs into her room. After being in our room since we returned from China, I was a little worried about the transition. I even had plans to sleep upstairs in her room but changed my mind after not hearing a peep on the baby monitor the entire evening. She was sleeping so soundly! I was ready to bolt upstairs on even the sound of a whimper, but never had to. She was a happy girl when I woke her up at 7 am.

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Nanou said...

Trop mignon petit lapin !