Saturday, May 15, 2010

A few random thoughts ....

Her outfit was a gift from Mimi and it has a cute bow on the butt. She has such a tiny little butt. (still in size 2 Pampers)

I noticed today that our pool was finally open! We're going swimming and Ladybug needs a floatie...putting it on the list.

It was my turn for dinner I stopped and picked up tacos after work. I fed Buggy a whole container of refried beans. She couldn't get enough of them and I work Sunday so T gets to clean up. Ha! Do other couples do this too?

I watched Grey's and Private Practice on dvr tonight and only cried through PP. Why did Dale have to die? He was a cutie.

T is traveling A LOT this week. Tuesday-Wednesday somewhere and then leaves Friday for Chicago for an entire week. He gets mad when I forget where he's going...but he goes a lot and my brain is full of other important things. Like trying to remember to buy a floatie.

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Anonymous said...

So sweet. So glad it fits. I knew she would be so cute in it. Thanks for taking her picture in it. (Mimi)