Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our day was fun, fun, fun

I convinced T to work from home yesterday since it was my day off and he'd just gotten home the night before after being in Chicago for almost a week.

Our first stop was the swimming pool. It was a good day to go because it was H O T, hot! We are so lucky to have this great pool within walking distance. I think we've gone more in the past week than we've ever gone having lived here for almost 6 years.

After swimming, it was time for a nap for Bug and a working lunch for others. I fixed salads, who eats chili when it's 90 degrees outside? This guy does:

After lunch, a quick trip to the grocery store. We were waiting in line forever...and what do you do when the line's not moving and your Ladybug gets cranky? You have some stacking fun.

Lastly, we propped Ladybug up to be measured. This was her first measurement which she cooperated for just a split second.

After this fun day, it's back to work tomorrow for another 6 days straight. Prayers needed.


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