Monday, July 26, 2010

My Exciting News

I'm saying goodbye to:

*working in Hurst...48 miles one way

*$80 toll charges every month

*fueling up my car twice a week

*around 10 hours each week driving or sitting in traffic

*crazy road rage drivers during the above 10 hours

*getting home late after Bug's already in bed

I'm saying hello to:

*12 mile commute Wahoo!

*an extra 7.5 hours per week

*that's an extra 30 hours a month!

*saving lots of money on gas and tolls

*less stress (maybe)

*more work-life balance

*time to spend on scrapbooking and reading

*more Ladybug time!

I'm so happy that I'll now be working much closer to home! I start August 1!



Mom said...

So happy you are getting to make those changes. Great news. Love you

Nanou said...

It is a great news. Marissa is going to benefit more from its maman.Je think it's an adorable little girl, a real doll. Nanou de France

Aunt Charlotte said...

That is exciting news!
I am so happy for you.