Thursday, August 25, 2011

At 30 Months

Ladybug's 2 1/2 today and that means she's closer to 3 than she is to 2 now!

*She is learning about feelings and will come over and give you a hug if she thinks you are sad. If she runs into you on accident, you'll hear a "sorry."

*I'm really amazed that she knows many of her alphabet letters. I haven't worked with her on letters because we've been focused mainly on numbers and colors. She will color and draw in her notebook and then hand me the pen and say "R"....I'll write an R and then she will name another letter. I also watched her pick up T's weekly medicine box and then point to the days of the week while naming them "M T W S." Amazing!

*Conversations are becoming more and more frequent. The words she will say may be single or a few at a time, but it's definitely a back and forth conversation.

*Buggy is now sleeping every night in her big bed! I can tell that she really likes it. We placed a step stool at the foot of the bed so she can actually crawl up and down into it herself. (We did have one little fall out mishap before we bought a side rail.)

*She's wearing size 5 shoes, size 3 diapers (back to 3, the tummy pudge is gone again) and is 26.4 pounds.


Mom said...

I know I say it every month, but she is so precious. I love how she is growing and learning so much. I must thank God again for bringing this little angel into our lives. What a beautiful child.

Nanou said...

Happy two and a half Marissa. You are more beautiful, that's saying something! and congratulations for your vocabulary!