Friday, August 26, 2011

Our evening at the Fair

We ventured out to the North Texas State Fair in Denton late in the evening after it cooled down some. This was a completely different experience than last year because she is mobile!

We didn't even take the stroller and she was just happily walking around while asking to hold both of our hands. (I love that she knows she has to hold at least one of our hands while outside, but she always holds out the other and says "hand" to be right in the middle of both us.)

Our first stop was the exhibit hall and a sidestep into a face painting booth. You can see how elaborate the designs were but I just asked for a cute little ladybug, of course.

We walked around the midway area and noticed several rides geared for the younger kids. She was barely tall enough for any of them...

When she saw all the other kids on this little car ride, she couldn't wait to hop on too. I love how she was trying to "steer" the car and blowing the horn. Every time she would pass by us we'd yell and wave like newbie parents taking their kid for her first fair ride!

Snack time and her first experience with cotton candy! It was a big hit!


Texas Howdy said...

Love it. What fun, but was the most fun for her or for her loving parents!

Mom said...

Sweet memories made for Bug, love to see her little face and her expressions of happiness.