Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Disney Day 3 - Magic Kingdom

My itinerary for day 3 said to wear the new red monogrammed shirt and look your best!  We were going to attempt to get an awesome family photo for Mom's Christmas card.  I won't tell if you we succeeded or not, you'll just have to wait to find out.  I will say that it was a lot easier to keep track of everyone with the same shirts!

Ladybug got to meet Snow White and Rapunzel.  She wanted to dance with Rapunzel and they twirled and twirled with each other.

T was annoyed with this balloon for most of the day today, but it sure did make it a lot easier for us to find our stroller every time we parked it.  The balloon also lasted the entire trip.  We ended up giving it to a random little girl on our way to catch the bus that last day.

Ladybug was in the zone when it came to autographs!  After the first day, she knew to grab it right away and have it ready for her new friends to sign.

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