Thursday, October 10, 2013

Disney Day 5 - Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

The Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party started at 7:00 and it's only for the cool people that purchased the tickets.  That's us!  They pretty much run everyone else out of the park.  Haha, not really of course.  What I did see whenever someone without the Halloween wristband tried to get on a ride or candy was them being told the park was closed.  I was impressed that they enforced it plus it made our time more enjoyable as the lines were much shorter.

We rode a few rides first, mainly the ones that we missed the other day.  Oh, but we did ride Dumbo a second time!

We also received a bag to trick or treat with and it didn't even matter how old you were.  Everyone got to trick or treat!  Oh, and the candy was the good stuff too!  We attempted to hit every candy station.

There were also several dance parties around the park and we watched Buggy dance with a few of her new friends.  I love how her dress is twirling while she is dancing with the horse.

We found Tinkerbell and Terrance by accident and I'm glad we did.  They were so cute and sweet and spent way too much time with Buggy.  Bug just kept talking and asking them questions and they just ate her up!

Everyone else cut out a bit early, but we stayed to visit a few more friends.  We loved seeing Mickey and Minnie dressed in costumes for the occasion.  I also loved how Ladybug told Minnie, "I am dressed just like you!"

By the way, we didn't get to bed until almost 1:00 am after the party.  Ladybug never had a meltdown but she was ready for her bed, just like us.

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Anonymous said...

Loved all the pictures and I know you all had a ball. Wish we could of been there! Her daddy was a year older when he went the first time! Mimi