Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Disney Day 4 - Animal Kingdom

We loved visiting Animal Kingdom for the day.  This park was beautiful with lots of trees and shade.  Our favorite ride was the Kilimanjaro Safari which made us feel like we really were in Africa!

Lunch was at the Tusker House with our Safari pals Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Goofy and Mickey Mouse.  Ladybug even went up and line danced around the restaurant with Mickey.  They even gave all the kids shaker instruments while they danced.  So fun!

So, we had been looking for Chip and Dale ever since our arrival and we finally found them!  Ladybug made quick friends during our wait in line and learned how to tell them apart.

First thing Buggy wanted to do with the chipmunks was dance so they danced around to Ring around the Rosey.  And yes, they did all fall down!


The Grands were getting used to the walking by this day but still took advantage of a nice shaded bench whenever possible.  Aren't they cute?

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Mom said...

Each day was filled with so much fun. So thankful to be there with my kids.