Monday, November 16, 2009

Ladybug false alarm

I have vowed not to read the rumor site anymore. All it does it get me into a frantic state of mind and I wonder/obsess about what is happening or not happening. At this point I'm telling myself that it will happen when it happens. I just very much wanted it to happen before the end of the year.

All of my energy and focus is going to be on the holidays that are rapidly approaching. I had such a great time Christmas shopping with Nikki on Saturday. I think I bought something for myself almost every time that I bought a gift for someone else. Ha, that will teach T to go away for a sporting event weekend! I haven't stayed out that late (Kohl's was open till midnight) in a long time and I ended up just spending the night with her. PJ party!

I received some Christmas scrapbooking goodies in the mail today for my December Daily project that I want to work on for a journal project. This will be a challenge since I work so many hours, but I'm going to put the bones of it together now and have it ready for December 1st. I will be excited to share this journal project with you at a later date.

In other random news....what do you think about this little ladybug drawing?

I've never, ever had a desire for a tattoo.

Until now...

Think I should get it done?


Anonymous said...

No I do not think you should get it. Mom

Anonymous said...


Deana said...

I'll never reveal whether I did it or not!~