Monday, November 23, 2009

Let's go shopping

I know I've been MIA for almost a week. That's what happens when I'm working a lot...I have no time for anything else. I'm pretty sure every day for the past week has been a minimum 10 hour day, yesterday was 11.

Today, I actually feel guilty for being off as there's just so much to do to get ready for Black Friday. But, I have Thomas' family coming in this week and my parents got into town yesterday. (They are staying at Nik's.) I have so much to do around my house too! We are having Thanksgiving dinner here on Thursday!! That's just 3 days away, yikes!

Uhh, I did sneak off to have lunch and shopping for a few hours with Mom and Dad today. We had so much fun! I never get to go shopping with them during Thanksgiving since I'm always working so this was a treat.

I only gave myself a 10 minute window to blog, so I should run. Laundry and dirty dishes await.

p.s. Remember that red coffee maker? It now sits proudly on my counter and I am totally loving it!


janis said...

hoorray for the coffee maker!!! can we see a layout with it, pretty please. ;o)

Deana said...

Good idea, I will have to do that!