Monday, February 21, 2011

Making Music

Ladybug loves her music and instruments and singing along. Whenever she's watching her favorite show "Jack's Big Music Show" she'll grab her flute and play along. She is becoming more and more interactive every day.

On Sunday, we dropped by this really neat toy store and it was no surprise that Bug went straight for this little piano that was exactly her size. Notice how she can't sit still...she's definitely about to turn two!

So fun, wish we could have brought it home with us!


Nanou said...

Marissa will probably be a great virtuoso!

Mom said...

That is music to my ears Marissa. Maybe Nana can give you some beginner lessons soon.

Texas Howdy said...

God was sure waiting to send us Marissa because she is so special. I know she will be a great piano player, because she loved the little toy piano that Mimi had and liked sitting on the stool. Looking so forward to seeing her and everyone this weekend. Mimi