Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our Day

7:45 Peeked inside Bug's room to see if she was awake and her Mama radar come into full alert as her head popped up from her pillow. She was rip-snorting-n-raring to go! We go downstairs for oatmeal and snuggle time as we usually do, sitting together on the couch for breakfast. Jack's Big Music Show is on and it's my favorite episode "Laurie's Big Song."

9:30 Getting both of us dressed to head out the door and Bug wants to brush her teeth. I've learned this is the best chance I have at fixing her hair to get those pony tails straight! Success! .....well almost.

10:05 We walk into the little tax office to pay for T's car tags and the lady gushes and gushes over Ladybug. She almost jumps over the counter to have a conversation with her...Bug does not disappoint and proceeds to tell her that she's "Twuu" and has "pretty eyes." (Lady now forgets to ask me for my proof of insurance card. Which is good because I left it in the car.) We wave and blow kisses as we walk out the door.

10:20 Wild hair on my part causes me to drive toward Pilot Point to look for a park or playground. I see a sign for Jordan Park and keep driving. After at least 30 minutes of driving the road turns into a No Outlet and I see the lake. Hmmm, it appears that Jordan Park is nothing more than a boat ramp. We turn around and head back, stopping at an old abandoned house for a few photos.

11:00 Bug is enjoying running around the yard of the old house but won't stand still long enough for me to snap a photo. I realize that I really need a buddy to be able to snap good photos of an almost 2 year old. We look inside the door of the old house and it's unlocked. I really want to walk through but it's dirty and probably, it might be trespassing. I don't want to get in trouble, so I close the door and we head home.

11:45 Sonic for lunch and Ladybug has her first soft drink. I drank two big swallows before giving her that sprite. She loved it and wailed when it was empty so this might have been a bad idea.

1:00 After we finish our lunch, we skype with Nana. I propped Bug up on a box in the chair and had myself a high-tech babysitter while I washed the dishes. When she started standing up in the chair and grabbing everything within reach I knew it was time to say good bye.

2:00 Naptime for Bug and chore time for me!

3:45 I hear Bug on the monitor babbling to herself so I run upstairs and rescue her. We have a quick snack and then go outside to wait for T to come home from work.

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Mom said...

What a fun day for you and Bug. I loved seeing her today on skype. She is getting to be a big girl to sit and talk to Nana. I would have put some makeup on if I knew I was going to make the blog! She is such a joy to me.