Monday, July 25, 2011

At 29 Months

* She's singing the ABC song all the way through! I hear her singing quite often in the tub while playing with her foam letters that stick to the sides.

* Her love of coloring continues and we have finally found a few coloring books for her to enjoy. We still have to be careful with the ink pens laying around, she's quick on the draw!

* I had to laugh when we were standing in line to buy groceries and she pointed to the candy saying "M's." I didn't think she would ask for candy at this young age. I decided to teach her the "You Can't Have Something Every Time we go to the Store Lesson" another day.~

* She knows all of the colors' names, especially blue and pink but sometimes she gets the others mixed up, so she's not 100% yet.

* Her talking keeps getting better and better every day. She will repeat anything that you say and she'll make her own 4 word sentences fairly often. Her favorite is, "Up please there Mama."

* She's still sleeping in her crib, but when I see her stand up in it I realize how tall she is and that she really could just jump out anytime even though she doesn't. We are currently trying to decide if we are going to move her to the regular size bed.

* Ladybug's weight is 26 pounds and she's wearing 24 months clothing. Her shoe size is a solid size 5 and we're buying size 4 diapers even though they seem a little big.

* Look at her pretty hair that is finally growing!

* You can see last month's chair photo here.


Nanou said...

She is lovely and intelligent! She quickly understood that the toilets are better than diapers. Lots of kisses Marissa.

Mom said...

It amazes me each month how much she changes. I look back at the other chair pictures and think they can't improve but each one does. She is beautiful and precious. What a joy she is to me.

Texas Howdy said...

I hope to see her soon in person, but mean time I love the updates and pictures. Love, Mimi

Debbie Sauer said...

She is so beautiful! Growing way too fast!! Blessings