Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Beach

On our trip to Mississippi, we took a little side trip down to the coast. I love the ocean and everything about it...the smell, the wind, the sand, the touristy feel of a beach town, and how you can see water all the way to the horizon.

I wanted Ladybug to experience her first trip to the beach without getting all wet but it didn't happen that way. As you can see, she loves the water and was ready to dive right on in.

Next time we will definitely take our suits for a little swim.


Anonymous said...

GDad saw it differently; left unchecked, Bug was headed for Cancun, Mexico.
I don't think she realized the Gulf of Mexico got deeper.

Mom said...

It was fun watching her experience the beach for the first time. What a fun day we had.

Texas Howdy said...

I bet it was alot of fun to see her when the waves first came to her. What fun it was to watch T and his brother when they were small the first time to see the ocean. Mimi