Monday, July 4, 2011


We headed down to the Little Elm fireworks display tonight. Bug made herself comfortable on our ice chest and played with her ipod since we were there sooo early. (Have I ever mentioned that T is never late, always super early?)

When the fireworks began to light up the sky, Buggy started whimpering a little bit. My girl does not like noise and she jumped down and wanted to be held! She buried her head in my shoulder but I kept saying how pretty they were with a few oooh's and ahhh's thrown in. When I started talking about the colors, I could feel her peaking around secretly watching.

By the time it was almost done, she was watching and telling me what colors were flying through the air!

Perhaps by our next July 4th, I'll figure out how to take a picture in the dark.~

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Mom said...

Such good memories for Bug. Glad she felt safe in your arms and was able to enjoy the pretty fireworks.