Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Picking them up one by one...

I have waited a long time for Buggy to want to play with her crayons and color at the table. We've experimented with the Color Wonder and the chunky style crayons...she just wasn't very impressed.

Earlier this week I bought her very first box of regular crayola crayons. Since that day, she hasn't wanted to do anything but color. In fact, this morning she didn't even want to have breakfast...she was chanting "colors, colors" right away.

I gave her only 3 crayons the first day and I was reprimanded for limiting her color choices so I went ahead and gave her the entire box. That wasn't a real good idea, she enjoys dumping them out and spilling them all over the floor! We're now using a recycled ice cream container to keep them contained. She can get them in there a lot easier, but she still likes to dump them out every chance she gets.

Umm, I picked them up the first 2 times, but now she's picking them up herself, as you can see. Her little legs would scurry under the table coming out with one crayon. She'd drop in the container and dive back down for another. So cute!

Enjoy the day,

p.s. Now I'm in search of some regular old fashioned coloring books, they are pretty hard to find.


Mom said...

Nanny will be on a mission to find lots of coloring books for Bug. So glad she has discovered coloring, it is so much fun.

Texas Howdy said...

She is so smart to like coloring so much at such a young age.