Tuesday, October 25, 2011

At 32 Months

*This Ladybug is now a little chatter bug.

*I love how she knows in/out, off/on, open/close, up/down.....all of those opposites.

*She's finally into the "school" routine. I've noticed when i drop her off the whole vibe of the classroom is more serene and calm. All the kids are settling in....we learned quick not to let her be the first one there too. Hehe

*Remember how last month she was recognizing and learning all of her letters? She really wants to be able to write them. Her M and O are perfect and the rest of the time she scribbles and then tries to "see" letters from her scribbling.

*Mommy's IPad is now Buggy's IPad. Ask her.....she'll tell you all about it.

*I'm currently teaching her the names of all of the coins. We've exhausted animals and body parts.

*She's climbing in and out of the bed by herself, but she still won't get out of the bed until we walk in her room to let her know it's time.

*Bug weighs 26.8 pounds, size 5 shoe, size 3 diapers, and although her 24 months clothing fits great the pants are too short so we're now doing 2T.

Here's last month chair photo.


Mom said...

Cutest little Ladybug ever. Love her so much.

Texas Howdy said...

Had to believe she is getting so much older. Love that little one and love the way she says Mimi.

Anonymous said...

Our Ladybug is turning into a Lady!


Nanou said...

Always so cute!