Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cheese Curds Anyone?

Everyone told me to be sure to try a cheese curd! Well, I didn't partake of the grocery store variety because I knew we would be driving to Wisconsin for our afternoon nap trip.

Seriously, T did sooo good picking this cheese factory. They had a HUGE gift shop, at least 6 rooms, for me to browse while he talked with the cheese curd connoisseurs.

Although, I was lured away from shopping by a quick sample of the chocolate cheese. It was pretty good, tasted like fudge to me.

After the samples, shopping, and a little ice cream snack outside we played with more pumpkins and snapped a few photos.

Someone was not ready to get back in the car!

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Mom said...

Bug looks so cute in her outfit. She loves being outside so much and playing. I would cry too if mommy made me get back in the car.