Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Toddler Tuesday is an Eye-Opener

Tuesdays are for the toddlers at the Mall of America so that's where we spent the first part of our day. We did purchase a toddler ride bracelet but Buggy would not even get on Blue's Skidoo or the Big Rig Trucks. We tried several times during the course of our day and in the pic above you see me trying to urge her on but she was adamantly saying no way.

She was completed fascinated but cautious with Uniqua and Pablo from the Backyardigans! Highfives were okay but hugs were definitely out. Perhaps T was right about not going to Disney this year.

After a half day and lunch at the mall we took a drive to an Apple Tree Farm. Planning afternoon trips was the best solution for us to get Bug's nap in. She definitely took advantage of the drive and slept the whole way. There's no doubt she would not have taken her nap in the hotel otherwise.

After apple picking she headed straight for the pumpkins. Have I mentioned how she can make a musical instrument out of anything? The pumpkins were her drums, hehe.

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Mom said...

Love how Bug is looking at the characters and not afraid. She looked so happy picking apples too.