Monday, December 26, 2011

At 34 Months + 1 Day

*She refuses to walk up or down the stairs when getting out of bed or going to bed. But any other time, walking the stairs is okay.

*I used to give her an either/or choice of pajamas at bed time. Now she'd rather reach in the drawer and pick out her own or just tell me the ones she wants to wear. She's becoming opinionated but it hasn't transpired with her play clothes yet.

*We still hear a lot of "no way, no way" when something isn't going the way she wants. We are working so hard to turn that "no way" into a "help please." We're making some progress but it's still a battle. I love it when I hear a "help Moma."

*Bug's always counting everything, pointing out shapes and asking what things are. She's very inquisitive.

*She still loves music and singing. One of her favorite stocking gifts was a dollar store saxophone.

*My sweet girl will share with you her last bite of her favorite cookie and kiss you if you have a hurt.

*Stats: weight 26.8 pounds, size 5 shoe, size 4 diaper and 2t clothing.


Texas Howdy said...

Our little girl is growing so fast and so smart. It doesn't seem possible that this is our second Christmas with our angel. Love Mimi

Mom said...

She sure is growing fast Mimi. She is just beautiful and such a blessing to our families.