Friday, December 23, 2011

December 23

Santa Clause came today! Evidently you can do that when you are going out of town for Christmas and you clear it with the old man in red ahead of time.

I love the look of excitement on her face when she saw all the presents.

She's completely infatuated with glasses so I knew that Santa did good when I saw playing with her new doll's glasses first thing.

Santa also put a few Andes mints in her stocking and that was the only thing she was interested in. The first time she took out a chocolate, she handed it toward me and said "open it Mama" but she figured out during the handoff she could open it herself. Into her mouth went the chocolate and then it was "be right back" as she ran off to throw the wrapper away. So, it was chocolate after chocolate and a few runs to the trash can until she couldn't find anymore! <3

She's so cute,


Mom said...

Merry Christmas Marissa. You are so loved.

Texas Howdy said...

Love it! It is so hard to believe so many years has gone by since her daddy was that age. It is such a GOD send that we have such a sweet miracle angel in our family now. Love you Marissa and Marty "T" and Deana. Mimi