Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 13

All day yesterday we talked about going to see Santa Claus.  Ladybug was all ready and excited to go and let him know she wanted a car for Christmas.  When we arrived at the mall and waved at Santa, she changed her mind and didn't want to go see him at all!  We inched closer and closer and watched several other children go up and see him.  But she still wouldn't go.  

Santa offered her a little finger puppet, which she gladly took and they waggled their finger puppets back and forth to each other.  Still, she wasn't ready to go see him.  Santa pulled out a little picture book and asked her to come stand and look at his book.  I walked over there with her and she really enjoyed looking at the book.  Next thing I know, Santa is whispering to me to step back Mom and Buggy jumped up on his bench all ready for a picture!

Wow, way to go Santa!  I gave him a thumbs up sign... this is a long way from last year!


Mom said...

Way to go Buggy. Santa will be bringing lots of toys. Love the picture!

Texas Howdy said...

Great Santa to have patience and Mommy did so good to go with her. So proud of Buggy and such a great picture. Love Mimi

Marsha said...

Great picture! You had better luck than we did this year. Let's just say we had some wardrobe issues prior to leaving the we got nothing but pouts!