Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3

Ladybug finally filled the potty chart with stickers!!  If I wasn't so tired from working all day then I'd go look up when we taped that chart to the wall.  Maybe my Mom will look it up for me, hehe.  I know it has to be at least a month since we put it up.  So yeah, we're not doing so great with the potty training but we're working on it.

T decided that he would take Bug to Target to pick out her reward.  Well, I made him take the chart with them because I really wanted her to understand why she was getting the treat.  

She must understand all can see that she's working on her next chart already!!


Mom said...

Buggy started the chart on October 17. I love how T took her with the chart to get a reward. She is doing great and I commend you, T, and Coco for being patient with her and letting her go at her own pace.

Texas Howdy said...

Great job Mommy, Daddy, Coco and Marssia! It is a very slow, patient progress, but well worth it when it is completed. Love Mimi