Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 6

Ladybug and I spent the day doing some crafty Christmas tags for all of those presents we'll be wrapping soon.  This girl certainly knows her way around a rubber stamp and a bottle of glue.

My only day off this week went by way too fast, but we have had a fun day.  Bug is doing so well with her potty and we currently have another chart that is full of stickers.  Coco is assigned to take her for a treat at Target and my job is to find a new chart with lots more spaces to prevent her from filling it again in just two days!  Ha!


Anonymous said...

Where is it written in the user agreement about changing the Potty Chart?


Mom said...

Great picture of you two. Ladybug will be crafty like her mommy. So glad you both had a good day. I think the potty chart was the best idea. Good job Buggy.

Texas Howdy said...

So great that she can do crafts with you. A good girl thing to do together.