Saturday, February 23, 2013

Just Touch It

After having a $20 garage sale dresser in Ladybug's room for 3 whole years, we finally shopped for new bedroom furniture for her.  When I explained that she would also be getting a nightstand just like Mommy and Daddy's she immediately asked for a lamp that she could touch.  I had to laugh, we both have touch lamps and this girl is so observant!  Here we are at Home Depot picking up the new touch lamp.

Buggy says her little prayers every night and we always ask Jesus to "help us not be scared in the pretty purple room."  Her prayer has now been changed to "help us not be scared in the pretty purple room with the new furniture."

Love this girl,


Mom said...

Nanny can't wait to see you and your new furniture.

Texas Howdy said...

Mimi is anxious also and will slowly climb the stairs to see!