Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mommy's Day

Ladybug knows that some days are mine and some are Daddy's.  Today was my day!  She wanted to dress up and put on a show for me.  We also spent some time outside blowing bubbles....and yes, we did get dressed for that. Hehe.  So fun!

I planned a project for her classmates' Valentines and had her help me with gluing on the little hearts.  She did really good but her attention span usually drops pretty quickly and about halfway through she was done.  That's okay, I finished them up and they are ready to take to school tomorrow.


Texas Howdy said...

It is so great that you and T has special days. It not only means so much to her now, but what great memories of her Mommy and Daddy she will always have. Mimi and Papa received a darling valentine in the mail!

Mom said...

I love how you and T have special times with Ladybug. She looks so cute in her tutu and wings.
You did a great job on the treats for Ladybug to take to school.