Monday, February 25, 2013

At 4 Years Old

Happy Birthday Ladybug !!

* Ladybug is very opinionated and knows exactly what she wants and when she wants it.

* I've also dubbed her as a "planner"...she does best when she knows the plan ahead of time.  The works especially well when you want her to wear something that has buttons.

* She stills hates any clothes with buttons.  Have you noticed all the cute clothes have buttons?

* Her favorite shows right now are Team Umizoomi and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

* She has many stuffed friends now that she takes turns sleeping with or taking to school and they are now getting names.  She also has an imaginary horse named Harvey who likes apples.  We have not figured out where he came from!

*  I have to mention our potty woes....she is wearing panties every day, which is great.  She wants to sleep in a pull up at night though and she doesn't want to poop in the potty.  She will seriously demand a pull up when she feels her need to go poop.  We suggest the potty, she declines, and she goes to get her own pull-up to put on by herself.  We've been telling her when she turns 4, we wouldn't have pull-ups anymore.  I'm considering hiding this a bad idea?

* She loves to sing and it's crazy awesome how many songs she knows!

* Ladybug is getting into that stage where she likes to say no and not mind very well.  We are working on that as well as sharing.  She's had a couple of issues at school for not sharing with her friends.

* I've always considered her not to be a very snuggly child.  But in the last few months, she's been enjoying lots of snuggles and huggles.

* She's gotten out of bed on her own a total of 3 times now.  Progress!

* She's still a size 3T and a size 7 shoe.  Her height is 38 inches and she weighs 30 pounds.

p.s.  I've not done the monthly chair photo since October, gasp!  I've decided to just do it every 6 months.  Will you miss it?


Texas Howdy said...

She looks like she is more comfortable with the chair picture (legs crossed and relaxed) I enjoy the monthly pictures, but every 6 months will be fine because I know we can see her pictures doing other things. So hard to think of her as 4 already. Happy Birthday Mirissa and to her mommy tomorrow. Love you both, Mimi

Mom said...

Yes, I agree with Mimi. She looks so at home in the chair. I enjoy the monthly chair picture, but I understand you may need a break. I will just look forward to it when it comes. We will enjoy the other blogs you send. Marissa is a joy and I do thank God for sending her to our families. Happy 4th birthday Ladybug. Nanny loves you very much.