Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Photo Story

One of the chapters in the book Parenting your Internationally Adopted Child really spoke to me about having your child know their story and placing it somewhere that she can see it everyday.  They even recommend making laminated copies for her to carry around and to play with.  (I didn't go this far, but will if I see issues later on.)  

I've also had intentions to do this for quite some time...actually bought the frame over a year ago.  The time seemed right while we were redecorating Ladybug's room.  The first photo is of her in the orphanage and the second photo is of us at the Civil Affairs Office meeting her and her caregivers for the first time. 

She was playing in her room while I hung it up tonight, and didn't seem too interested in what I was working on.  After I finished, I did call her over and to show her the new picture and explained that they were pictures of her in China before she came to live with us.  Her comment was, "in China?"

She's not fully aware of her story, but as fast as time is flying by, we wanted to be proactive instead of reactive.  She will now see this little photo story every day, right above her new little nightstand.


Texas Howdy said...

So great that she is knowing her story and how special she is that ya'll adopted her by chose.
We thank God everyday for her coming into our family and for him sending us since a wonderful special gift in her, Love her so much, Mimi and Papa

Mom said...

Ladybug's room is so pretty and colorful. The pictures tell a wonderful story. The very day Bug became your daughter. I love the way she is touching her daddy's face. This is also the day I found out what being a grandparent means. It's a blessing you only know if you experience it. God sent us an angel and we love her more than words can express.