Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Close Call

We woke up Monday in the wee hours of the early morning around 12:30 to Ladybug on the baby monitor crying, screaming and wailing. She hasn't done this in quite awhile and I couldn't imagine what was wrong.

T went up to check on her and I laid in bed for a moment or two hearing it begin to rain. Suddenly, the wind started whipping against the house and hail pounding on the windows. Now I am frightened and well aware that I should not be laying in my bed next to three huge windows.

I jumped up and ran into the hall and met T with Bug coming down the stairs. We stood there huddled up for a few minutes waiting and listening.

*Crack* The sound of broken glass from the window in Bug's room! Her crib is very close to that window and I am so thankful that she wasn't in it when that window had broken. God is good!

Sleepy girl watching us clean up the mess. We were up until 2:00 cleaning and then up with Buggy until 3:30 trying to get her to go back to sleep. She's a creature of habit so moving her crib out of the room and onto the landing was not okay with her...she's been restless the past couple of nights.

There was more damage outside than I had anticipated, didn't even realize it until I looked through some pictures that T had taken. Sadly, the little playhouse is now swiss cheese:

We are very thankful that everyone is okay!



Mom said...

I am so very thankful you were all ok. I know that had to be a very scary experience. Thank you God for protecting my children.

Texas Howdy said...

God is so great to have angels watching over our Marissa and her parents. I have been getting horror thoughts since talking to Marty (T to you) and thanking God for her not being in her room. She is so precious to us all. Mimi

Nanou said...

Oh, you must have been afraid! the main thing is that everyone is well. The property damage are boring but serviceable. Lots of kisses to the lovely Marissa.

Ken-Jennifer-Hannah said...

So glad that everyone is OK. I hate storms!! We had a good hail storm the other night as well.

bridget said...

Will certainly be praying Marissa adjusts quickly and easily...I know how hard a change in routine is! So glad everyone is ok!!!

M3 said...

Yikes, you guys get some SERIOUS hail!!!! Glad everyone is ok.