Friday, April 8, 2011


Remember all the candle blowing practice we did before Ladybug's 2nd birthday party?!

We thought we'd get a head start with the egg hunting too. I hid a few this morning before getting her up and I'm delighted that she went right for them. I loved how she would say egg after finding each one and then place it right into her basket.

We're practicing so we can attend one of the community egg hunts coming up. I'm so excited that she's walking for this Easter!



bridget said...

I have read a bit of your blog....not much because my baby is sleeping and that means mama's gotta sleep!!! My daughter is very close in age to your's, and looks to be tracking about the same size and development. I have a blog...and would be interested in emailing if you would like to share info! ~Bridget

Cora said...

Hi I just came over from the Spring fling at Salsa in China. Your daughter is adorable and I think we might need to start practicing egg hunting too, what a great idea!