Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Funday

We tried to visit the Easter Bunny today, but she did not want any part of that. Waving to him safely from a distance is all she would do. No, I didn't make her sit in his lap...this time.

But we did take her out for a walk to our little wall for a few photos.

Here she was last June at the same little wall. Definitely a whole head taller and finally a little bit of hair!


Mom said...

Bug is growing and changing so much. She looks adorable as always. Nanny is so glad you did not make her visit the bunny.

Nanou said...

When you look at the small wall we see that Marissa has grown a lot!

nikki said...

She looks so big in those photos. Growing up too fast!

Texas Howdy said...

Nikki said it right. She is growing too fast, but is not camera shy anymore so more pictures of our beautiful little girl!! Mimi