Thursday, April 14, 2011

Guess what~

* The washer is fixed, hooray! With the way my luck has been lately, I kind of thought that part wasn't going to work and we would be out another 2 weeks. Sooo happy that my luck is turning around.

* Guess what the washer repairman told me....that I was using too much soap! He said, "So, whatever you are using...use about half of that." Then he put the washer on a 3 hour cycle to get rid of the soap. Dude, we have mountains of laundry...we can't wait 3 hours!?!

* Tonight we had a night off without Buggy. I spent some of my freebie working late and it helped me to remember how I used to always work late.

* Guess what we did with the rest of our evening. We ordered pizza and did, you guessed it, laundry.

* So, a couple of weeks ago I made of fun of T because he got a jury summons. (He went one day this week but didn't get picked.)

* Guess what I received in the mail today? Yep, a jury summons.

* T's always either traveling to exotic places or running around the DFW area enjoying nice lunches. Sometimes he teases me and sends me a picture of his yummy lunch.

* Guess what I did after receiving that one? Snapped a quick photo of my TV dinner and hit reply.

We're silly, I know. Lunch bag is from Thirty-One.

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