Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our Day

8:06 I hear Bug moving around and then going through her morning roll call. I rescue her from the crib as she's chanting mama. We fix a strawberry oatmeal breakfast together with 1/2 of a sliced banana. The other half we nibbled on as we were slicing. She promptly called it an apple, so we practiced saying banana which she cutely calls nanas. After breakfast, I show her both an apple and a banana in hopes that she will understand which is which. But she keeps getting it wrong making me sad. I hope this is normal.

9:27 We head out the door with mounds of laundry to wash at the laundromat. The repair guy did visit us yesterday but stated we needed a electronic board which, of course, will take a week to get here. Groan.

9:38 Trying to figure out the best way to get Bug, 2 laundry baskets, and 1 IKEA bag full of sheets out of the car and into the laundromat. Thank the Lord for sweet people who see the predicament I'm in and hold the door open. There's a couple of ladies there and Bug charms them right away with her cuteness. They ask lots of questions like "Is she yours?" and I try to answer the best I can in spite of the language barrier (they are Hispanic)...I can tell they are looking at her trying to figure out where she is from.

9:55 Clothes are still washing and now the little Hispanic lady that works there approaches us asking me questions. I have a hard time understanding her but smile a lot. She attempts to coax Bug over to her station to help her work and Bug follows. I shift to another bench so that I can watch more closely. She reaches out and picks her up. I become a little irritated as I witness this and see Bug wanting down immediately. She puts her down and looks at me saying mama, is that your mama? No, I'll be your mama. Ok, now I'm really upset thinking how dare you say something like that to MY child. Bug looks at me and I can all but run over there and drag her away from this lady.

10:15 I'm standing over the washer willing it to finish the cycle so I can load back up and head home. I can not get out of here fast enough.

11:45 We pick up tacos from my favorite place and head home. Bug has a meltdown while we're enjoying the tacos and I finally figure out that she just doesn't want to feed herself. But her wailing subsides as I hold the spoon to feed her a few bites.

12:10 Anytime I need to brighten up her mood, we head outside to play. After a few minutes in the swing and an hour in the sand box, she'll be ready for a nap. And she is, works like a charm!

3:15 I hear Bug waking up on the monitor with not a very happy face. We sit down for a snack and she enjoys the last few M&M's from the jar of Birthday Bugs. It's back outside to play for Bug while I sit at the computer in the kitchen with the back door propped open. She runs in and out of the door handing me flowers...which are actually pieces of green clover that she picked from the yard.

4:30 I'm having second thoughts about cooking the homemade lasagna for dinner tonight that I had planned and promised T for a week. Bug's sitting on a ball playing in the sand box again so I order an Easter dress online and bat around the idea of actually cooking. I eventually give in and start gathering ingredients.

5:00 Bug hears the pans rattling and comes a running! She's saying up, up wanting to watch and help. I pick her up and we work out a system to assemble the lasagna layers together as she's sitting on the counter.

6:30 T's running late for my dinner so Bug and I just eat without him. We're back outside for more playtime. (We did save him some.)

7:45 I convince T that it's his turn to give Buggy a bath since he supposedly forgot to last night when I was working late. I supervise and make the bed while they play. It's great to hear her say "no way" when T asks her if she's ready to get out. I'm so happy she's happy in the tub again!

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Mom said...

Sounds like a busy day for you and Bug. Love the pics of her outside playing and swinging, so much fun for you both.