Monday, April 11, 2011


Ladybug went to her first real Easter Egg Hunt over the weekend. T took her without me since I sadly had to work all weekend. I'm pretty sure I was not in the best mood since I felt like I was definitely missing out. When I got home I made him give me the play by play at least three times!

The soccer field was full of eggs, snack bags, and little cereal boxes.

She's pointing to the eggs patiently waiting for the fire truck to sound the horn.

It's finally go time and all the kids take off. She sees them running and takes off as well. Just when she's bending over to pick up a treat, another little boy swoops in and grabs it! Buggy realized real fast that she had to be quicker!

All the treats are gone in about 6 minutes flat, she did get a nice little basket full. Perhaps, she needs a bigger basket!

A sugary sweet treat to eat.


Mom said...

What fun for her to hunt the easter eggs and treats. She looked so adorable as usual.

nancy said...

Ladybug sure looked like she had a great time. I love the last picture, she is a little dollbaby! Blessings.

bridget said... cute! You have me motivated to get extra eggs this year for Kate!