Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas #2

We spent most of our New Year's Eve driving to New Boston for Christmas with my family. Everyone was waiting up for us when we finally arrived and I just assumed that we would be opening our presents on New Year's Day. They all said, "No way. Check out the Christmas tree." Well, when I saw all the nicely wrapped presents...I was ready to tear into them as well!

I love how that Bart Simpson bag always seems to find it's way under the tree every year.

My favorite Christmas tradition is our stockings. I don't think anyone else really understands it, but we love it and it's the best part of our gift exchange. Everyone wraps little "happies" and places them into each other's stockings and we go around the room opening our treasures one by one. Sometimes, it takes several hours until the last present is opened.

Yes, I look like I've been working all day and then driving in the car for 3 hours but those little presents must make it into the stockings!

Mom found a sweet little stocking for Ladybug and hung it between mine and Thomas' stockings. It had several little presents inside too!

Nikki gave Ladybug some of the cutest little ladybug gifts I've ever seen. I love love love the little booties and the little metal ladybug is actually a magnet from Brighton. I <3 Brighton. Thanks chick! (I'm keeping the toothbrush holder for me.)

We really did have a wonderful Christmas. I just wish we had more time to spend with our families for the holidays.


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nikki said...

I bought you an extra tbrush holder!