Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Working out the details...

Just 2 more days before we leave!!!

There's so many things to worry about and pack. Then I wonder if we're going to miss not having something if I choose to leave it at home. At least my priorities are in order and the cute clothes and hair bows already packed.~

I'm working one more day but T went ahead and took today off. I fixed him up with a little "Honey Do" List so he may wish he went to work after all. hehe

Oh and Cricket...she definitely knows something is up. Ever since we moved the crib downstairs, she's acted a little territorial.

We had originally planned to leave her at home knowing my housekeeper would check on her and then Nikki could pop over and check on her. But guess what? She's going to Kitty Daycare! aka Nikki's house. She'll get to romp and play with her two kitties....uh oh, she may not want to come back home!

Nikki, who will now be known as Aunt Coco, will be keeping our blog updated with pictures and updates while we are in China. We wanted a back up plan if we were not able to access and post to our blog.

She may also entertain you with silly stories, cooking, and other profound life experiences. (She IS a great cook.)

Thank you Aunt Coco!

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lisa said...

Wishing you lots and lots of love and luck for your trip Deana xx