Sunday, January 10, 2010

Showered with Ladybug Love

I feel so blessed and loved after spending the weekend with T's family. They did so much for us and our Ladybug. The decorations were gorgeous, definitely lots and lots of pink!

Jill made this fabulous baby diaper cake which was covered with ladybugs. The little ladybug photo album is going on the trip with us filled with pictures of the grands, aunt, uncle, and even Cricket so she'll be able to get to know everyone before we get home.

The pink cake was delicious!

We played several games that Krystal had organized with prizes! My favorite was the diaper race to see who could do the best diaper on a stuffed animal while BLINDFOLDED. I didn't do so hot at that game.

We were showered with so many lovely gifts. Thomas and I loved everything and can't wait to enjoy them. Thanks everyone so much and a special thank you to Mimi and Papa.


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Beckett Gray said...

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