Friday, January 8, 2010

Hey, we're up here

Today has been a busy day:

*We spent the morning on our travel meeting conference call. It lasted almost 3 hours and was comical at times as we listened to some of the questions. One person asked, "Do they come with clothes?"

*We visited AT&T and talked to them about using our Blackberries in China. Well, they will work if we pay big bucks for it. There was a rumor that Blackberry Messenger was free abroad, but it's not true. So, we decided to forgo adding an international plan. I'll be leaving my phone at home...the temptation will just be too great for me! T will be bringing his, but we don't plan to use it unless we are in the states.

*We signed up for Skype! We just need to test it and ensure it works.

*We sent our tentative flight information to our agency's representative in China. We're just waiting for his approval and then we are booking those tickets!!! Umm, it's soon too! Very soon! I would secretly welcome a week's delay. You'd be freaking out too if I told you what day we might be leaving!

*We packed for our trip down to Temple as we are planning to leave at 8 in the morning. There's a family get together in Florence and they are also throwing us a baby shower! We got the invitation in the mail a couple of weeks ago and I remember T opening it and saying, "It's a baby shower invitation." My response was, "Who is having a baby?" He said, "We are!"

Yes, we are!


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Waiting For Ling-Ling said...


I imagine that you are getting ready to travel soon-we leave for Hong Kong on Jan 19th and will spend a few days there. We lived there for a little while (2 years) about 3 years ago and want to get on "China time" before traveling to Jiangxi to pick up our daughter. We plan of flying to Nanchang on Sunday, the 24th. I am beyond excited-and completely overwhelmed! I think I have everything I need for her, but keep checking my bag and list over and over again in case I've forgotten something. I hope you have a wonderful journey to your daughter!